Cabled Mobile Column Lifts


Cable connected and 3-phase powered, conventional mobile lifting systems are economical and continuously available.

The choice of many users, MAHA cabled mobile lifts provide the best economy as well as around the clock availability.  Where they remain in the same location the benefits of an unobstructed floor can be achieved by installing their cables overhead.

Mechanically identical to MAHA wireless mobile lifts, conventional lifts have ball screw lifting mechanisms and wedge lock safety devices.  Each model also has redundant leveling built into its controls.

With column capacities ranging from 12,000 to 18,000 pounds and a variety of lift carriage arrangements, MAHA has the right mobile lift for any application.




Safety is the first thing to consider when buying mobile lifts. It should be the item of least concern when using them.

To achieve that level of security each MAHA mobile column has a primary holding brake that is backed up by a safety wedge lock.

MAHA Safety Wedge

TheMAHA Safety Wedge safety wedge lock:

  1. Is independent of the lifting mechanism. 
  2. Protects against any potential malfunction or failure.
  3. Requires no adjustment. 
  4. Never wears out.


Equally important, in the event a wedge lock should become set, it can be manually released and the columns lowered without power and without the use of auxiliary hosting devices.