MAHA Wireless Mobile Column Lifts


Battery powered and radio controlled, MAHA clear floor wireless mobile lifting systems offer new dimensions in convenience and efficiency.

In shops where lifts are frequently moved, or 3-phase power is unavailable, or where cables lying on the floor are unacceptable, MAHA wireless mobile lifts are the answer.

With all the capability of cabled lifts, MAHA wireless mobile lifts bring together a unique combination of a clear floor design and the dependability of ball screw lifting mechanisms.

Available only from MAHA, wireless ball screw mobile lifts are the latest innovation from the industry's leader in innovative design.

Wireless controls are available on all models regardless of capacity or configuration.


Used extensively throughout the automotive and aerospace industries, the precision ball screw is the premier linear actuator.

Its frictionless design minimizes power requirements and virtually eliminates wear.

Through a direct drive, the ball screw operates at a constant and uniform speed regardless of load.

ThBALL SCREW MAHAis phenomenon maintains natural synchronization between columns and keeps vehicles level during operation.

For added safety, MAHA mobile lifting systems have redundant synchronizing controls.