MAHA Mobile Column Lifts


Engineering excellence and forty five years of experience result in mobile lifts with outstanding performance and reliability.

Designed with choices for capacity, power source, method of control, and much more, a MAHA mobile lifting system can be tailored to each user's individual requirements.

Whether the need is for high capacity columns for off-road or emergency vehicles, or standard capacity for trucks and buses, MAHA has the right lift for the job.

With their Universal Lift Carriage and Low Profile base, MAHA mobile lifts have also been adapted to several rail applications including rail transit cars and mine locomotives.


With MAHA mobile lifts vehicles remain level as they rise and lower due to the natural synchronization of MAHA’s mechanical drives.  Electronic synchronization provides added safety.

Load brakes stop and hold vehicles at any position.  Mechanical wedge locks on each column provide added lift safety.

MAHA mobile lifts are third-party tested and ALI certified.



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